Partner360 Rewards

As you have placed your trust in us, we aim to show our gratitude by providing you with a fulfilling partner experience.

As you grow your career with us and invest more in your business on iProperty, witness your reward tier rise as you become a member of the exclusive Prestige Rewards program, which offers you more special rewards.

Earn Points as You Invest in Your Success

For every RM100 invested in your iProperty Agent Package subscription, Credits and Premium Features, you will receive 2.5 reward points.

You get to enjoy the rewards in your current rewards tier, till your next tier status update.

At the start of every quarter, you will receive an email notification on your rewards tier status that is tabulated based on your investment over the last 12 months.

Prestige Rewards

Celebrate your birthday with a special treat from us!

Thank you for being a part of Prestige Rewards!

Find out more about your rewards tier status and how to earn points on the Partner360 Rewards Programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a valued Agent Partner, we would like to reward and appreciate you for choosing iProperty as your trusted partner to grow your business. Through the birthday rewards programme, we would like to thank you for your trust in iProperty Malaysia.

This programme will be launched in two phases, with Phase 1 on 5 July 2023 and Phase 2 with enhancement.

Phase 1 rollout consists of Partner360 Academy, Partner360 Rewards programme for the Prestige tiers (Solitaire, Titanium and Platinum), and iProperty Home Loan Calculator. Phase 2 will be the enhancement of Partner360 Rewards with points and tier information showing on iProperty PRO.

All Agent Partners who have an active agent package subscription ( iBasic, iGold & iPlatinum) are automatically enrolled into the Partner360 Rewards Programme.

For every RM100 you invest in your business on iProperty, you will earn 2.5 points. This includes your Agent Package subscription as well as investment in credit purchases and premium products in the last 12 months. However, points will not be awarded for the complimentary Agent Package and products.

For example, between 1 Feb 2022 – 31 Jan 2023, you have:

  • Subscribed to iPlatinum Package at RM3,880
  • Purchased 13 Featured Credits at RM200
  • Total points earned = ((RM3,880 + RM200) / RM100 ) x 2.5 pts = 102 pts

Each rewards tier has corresponding points, which determine the tier on which you will be qualified for, as you progress in your career with iProperty. Your rewards tier will be updated quarterly.

Solitaire partners have made significant investments in their business with iProperty. To keep this group’s prestige and exclusivity at the highest, we carefully curate the membership of this exclusive tier. While we have minimum qualifying criteria of 400 reward points, we also take other factors into consideration. Invitations are handled on an individual basis and are subject to review.

The reward points are calculated based on your spending in the last 12 months and not throughout your iProperty subscription tenure. For example, if you have invested RM6,500 in the last 12 months, you would have earned 163 points.

We have considered your total investment on Agent Package subscription, credits and Premium Products purchases from 1 Feb 2022 to 31 March 2023, to calculate your rewards tier.

If you have subscribed to our Agent Package after 1 April 2023, you will only receive your rewards tier information in the next quarterly update on August 2023.

For every RM100 invested in your business on iProperty, you will receive 2.5 reward points which will then help you progress to the next tier.

Once you have accumulated the minimum reward points needed for you to progress to the next tier, you will be upgraded to a higher rewards tier in the following quarter.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more on how to progress to the next rewards tier.

If you have not accumulated enough points to progress to the next tier, it means that you will remain in your current tier or level.

Your tier will be downgraded if you consistently accumulate fewer than the tier entry reward points for two consecutive quarters.

The rewards tier and points you had earned in the last 12 months will expire, upon your account expiry.

Disclaimer for birthday reward (Prestige tier: Platinum, Titanium and Solitaire)
  • The birthday reward is not exchangeable for cash or any other iProperty’s products.
  • In the event that the specified birthday reward item is unavailable, a suitable alternative item of equivalent value will be provided.
  • Please be advised that our acknowledgement of your gift acceptance is contingent upon the successful completion of the delivery process by our designated vendor.
  • Please note that for birthday rewards issued in voucher form, the expiry date and usage are subject to the terms and conditions established by the voucher supplier.

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