Property Transactions FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

iProperty.com.my Transactions provides official subsale property transaction data in Malaysia. An official transaction data is when there is a record of a sale of a subsale property and corresponding transfer of ownership and title and payment of stamp duty to LHDN.

The data on iProperty.com.my Transactions provides users access to our market research data for subsale property transactions. The data may help them to make better decisions before buying or selling a property.

Only official subsale property transactions, with recorded payments of stamp duty, will be available on iProperty.com.my Transactions.

Here could be the possible reasons;​

  • Transaction data on iProperty.com.my is powered by brickz.my. Such transaction data will be published on brickz.my (and thereafter iProperty.com.my Transactions) following LHDN’s recordal of stamp duty payments for such transaction and not when the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) is signed. 
  • A property transaction will take a few months to be published on brickz.my (and thereafter on iProperty.com.my Transactions) following the recordal of the sale of property in public records. Therefore, brickz.my publishes historical transaction data which will be subject to updates as and when data becomes available. Our analytics are also based on available data and will be subject to revision as and when more data becomes available. 

Here could be the possible reasons;​​

  • Property transaction data on brickz.my is compiled starting from January 2014, hence information before that is not available. 
  • The dates shown on iProperty.com.my Transactions are the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) dates. A property transaction will only be recorded by brickz.my (and thereafter on iProperty.com.my Transactions) when the stamp duty is paid for and not when the SPA is signed. With that said, you will see property transactions transacted in various months in our monthly updates.

It is important to note that the recording of property transactions is a complex process and it will take an estimated 1-month to 12-month for a transaction to be reflected on brickz.my (and thereafter on iProperty.com.my Transactions). In some extraordinary cases, it may take a longer timeframe. 

The reason for this is because the Sale and Purchase process of a property goes through a variety of processes and the time needed for the completion of property purchase after the signing of the SPA depends on the complexity of the property purchased and transacted.

To improve the reliability of the data presented to you, our pattern recognition system automatically remove the following;

  • Incomplete data. For example, the property size, price or area is missing.
  • Inconsistent data. For example, the price is too low, or the property size is too small.
  • Bulk purchase transactions. For example, a buyer made a purchase of 10 or more units from the same project, within the same month.
  • Multi-share inconsistency. If there is more than one buyer for a property unit and the share percentage does not match.

brickz.my does not edit critical information such as the property’s address, unit price, lot size, and transaction date.

brickz.my only edit non-critical and general fields such as the town, land use and building type to ensure the information is consistent and is familiar to users.    

Here are the reasons why you are seeing only the latest 10 transactions in the recent 12-month;

  • The information represents the most up-to-date pricing trend for any market.
  • The information can suit the current market trend.
  • The combination of any property size, number of bedrooms or price filter are adequate for pricing study.

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