Frequently Asked Questions

*This promotion is ended and FAQs below are no longer valid.

30 days complimentary account subscription extension

1. What happens to my Ad Credits (AC) that are attached to my account subscription, will the one-time only 30 days expiry extension apply?

All AC that are attached with your account subscription will be extended for an additional 30 days, one-time only.


2. Are my Feature Credit (FC) eligible for the complimentary one-time only 30 days expiry extension?

Any add-on such as FC will expire on the original expiry date.


Up to 50% discount on property listings upgrades

1. I would like to know how the credit deduction works?

Credit deduction is across all 28-day upgrades to property for sale and for rent listings.

2. Is the upgrade discount available for existing account subscribers and iProperty PRO?

Yes, it is available across both iRealtor and iProperty PRO platforms.


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