Frequently asked questions

Q: Is my business/organisation eligible to submit a 360 virtual tour to iProperty.com.my?
A: You are eligible to submit a 360 virtual tour only if you have full authority, right and power to provide materials to iProperty.com.my that do not infringe any proprietary rights and intellectual property rights of any third party. We cannot accept 360 virtual tours that are produced and branded by another property portal.

Q: Can I submit any format of a 360 virtual tour of my property?
A: To be onboarded onto the iProperty Virtual Tour platform, your 360 virtual tour MUST be in Matterport format. Any other format will not be accepted to feature on iProperty.com.my.

Q: What logos can I have on my virtual tour?

A: You may include your organisation’s logo and branding. However, we cannot accept 360 virtual tours that include branding of another property portal other than iProperty.com.my.

Q: Do I need to have an active listing on iProperty.com.my in order to upload my 360 virtual tour?
A: Yes, to have a featured virtual tour, you MUST also have a property listing with iProperty.com.my. If you don’t have a listing you may submit your interest here and an iProperty.com.my representative will be in touch to assist you further.

Q: My organisation’s project already has a listing on iProperty.com.my and I would like to upload a 360 virtual tour. How do I do this?
A: You may submit a URL to your virtual tour to ipropforyou@iproperty.com.my, along with the project name and unit details. We will then review your submission before upload.

Q: Where can property seekers find my project’s 360 virtual tour?
A: Your 360 virtual tour will be linked directly to your property listing and will also be shown on a dedicated website for all our featured 360 virtual tours.

Q: How can I find out more information about iProperty 360 Virtual Tour?
A: You may find out more information about this product and benefits here.

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