Lead Generation Solutions

Our lead generation solutions are designed to encourage interaction and enquiry from high intent property seekers.

Types of property listing

Be seen by high intent property seekers.

Platinum Listing – First to be seen - Lead generation

Platinum Listing – First to be seen

Responsive across devices, Platinum Listing is the most prominent and highly visible landing page for your campaign. Platinum Listings will be displayed first on Search Results page and New Launches homepage. Additional features include property review and brand colour.

Gold Listing – Highly Visible - Lead generation

Gold Listing – Highly visible

Rank 2nd in prominent positioning, Gold Listing is highly searchable by property seekers. Responsive across devices, it is a well-designed landing page for your campaign.

Basic Listing – Maintaining your project awareness - Lead generation

Basic Listing – Maintaining your project awareness

Accessible by the largest pool of property seekers, Basic Listing is a prerequisite to an entry level and standard landing page for your campaign on iProperty.com.my.


Search Results Page display advertising

Create top-of-mind brand recall and achieve maximum reach to high intent property seekers visiting our site.

Audience Extension - Lead generation

Performance Campaign

We push your messages to the most relevant high intent property
seekers that you want to target via our affiliated networks namely
Facebook, Google Display Network (GDN), other social media

Email Marketing - Lead generation

Email Marketing

Over 1 million of our site visitors have given us consent
to send them property-related content via email marketing.
Our subscribers receive highly personalized content
based on their preferences and search behaviour.

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