Days of selling property via 3D-scale model and sales gallery could be a thing of the past. Our next generation of consumers are becoming accustomed to doing everything online, from food delivery to grocery shopping. The likelihood of emerging buyers purchasing properties online is just a matter of time.

A typical sales cycle for any new launch involves creating awareness of the development on diverse advertisement platforms both online and offline. This is followed by invitation to visit the sales gallery. After contemplating and a series of compelling follow ups, the buyer arrives to a booking decision and the paperwork begins. It can be time consuming for a developer to plan suitable events to draw prospective buyers to the sales gallery.

But with the availability of VR, such experience can be more efficient and not to mention, more entertaining for prospective buyers.

Sales viewing 24/7

Wouldn’t it be great that prospects can view your sales unit anytime of the day? VR allows them to do just that – without the hassle of driving to the location or fending off crowds to have the best view. Most importantly, virtual gallery doesn’t have a limit on number of visitors, so you can have thousands of visitors at any given time or day. Furthermore, VR helps to reduce the number of non-prospects who are only there for the food and freebies, and as a result, generate more genuine leads for you. VR tour gives you more time to focus on those who are genuinely keen to buy. In such way, it is a more productive process for both the prospects and you.

We help our customers to create 360 virtual tour of their show units so that our high intent buyers can better relate to the development that they are exploring. Watch one of our video samples here.

Almost instant sense of ownership

Buying a property for most Malaysians is a lifelong dream, as it usually takes many years of savings. No wonder the decision making tends to be filled with doubts and apprehension, as once the deal is done, it is not easy (as well as costly) to abort it.
For first timers, viewing 3D models or visiting the gallery does not necessarily instill a sense of ownership. But taking a 360 virtual tour can be more fulfilling as they can walk through all the amenities and facilities, before coming into the unit itself. Let them feel right at home, so they won’t feel like they are buying something unknown.

Higher confidence, greater trust

With the VR technology, the viewing experience can be enhanced tremendously. Imagine, for example, prospects walking into an empty land and watch almost literally the building process of their future home. That would certainly instill confidence, and with this, greater trust in your ability to complete the project well.

The world is your oyster

With inter-connectivity and the VR platform, property developers will have the global audience as their playground. The VR technology offers ease of view, and not to mention cost efficiencies, for foreigners looking to purchase properties in Malaysia.

VR-world is your oyster

It may not be now, but the future of VR is coming!

You may not need to embrace VR now but do get ready for the next generation of consumers who are more VR-inclined. Those who are prepared will set themselves ahead of the competition.

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