It’s a fact that award-winning projects get noticed quicker by prospective buyers. The highly credible and prestigious iProperty Development Excellence Awards (iDEA) recognises and celebrates individuals, property developers and developments that redefine the industry landscape and celebrate the way Malaysians experience property. iDEA judges are carefully selected from top influencers and thought leaders in the property industry today.

Here are 5 reasons why you should submit your development for iDEA:

Stand taller than the rest











What better way to differentiate yourself from your peers – win an award and stand out from a sea of competition! An award-winning project has the potential to convince customers of your track record and reliability to deliver, especially when the award is from a reputable organisation and verified by a proper and transparent judging process.


Credible third-party endorsement

Self-confidence is a good thing, but no harm being validated by others. What’s more, you can now back the confidence with facts. iDEA offers you an opportunity to pitch your development’s unique selling points in the presence of property experts from various fields like valuer, architect, landscape architect, surveyor and engineer. Their role is to determine if you are indeed the best among your peers competing in the same award category.


Let others blow the trumpet for you











The best compliments are those from others! No doubt, winning an award gives you the bragging rights, and with iDEA, you’ll also have iProperty to do the bragging on your behalf. iProperty.com.my is the number 1 property site in Malaysia with average monthly visits of 1.6 million. Imagine the amount of impressions that you and your development will receive.


Leverage on PR

An award, especially a prestigious one, is a good platform to capture the attention of property seekers. It is evidence that your development has been judged as the best in its category. From the perspectives of consumers, it’s a third-party validation that they can trust and is crucial before they sink their life savings into a purchase. Our Winner’s post event exposure is wide reaching with exposure on both digital and non-digital platforms, aimed at connecting the winners with their most relevant audience as well as others who may benefit from hearing about their winning story.


Be the best of the best











As iDEA offers category-specific award segments, you have an option to choose a category that best represent the core message of the development. There are 39 judged categories in total and the winner of each category is the best in an area, where the development truly outperforms its competitors. This appeals to a target segment of property seekers who are looking for a specific type of property, which in turn creates more market opportunities for the winning project.


iDEA 2020 is now open for submissions. We have 39 judged categories awaiting its respective winner. Let’s connect at http://bit.ly/iDEA2020

For more information, visit www.iproperty.com.my/idea

This article is dated 5 May 2020