Does your website come out tops in Google search? If not, it means your business is not as visible to your audience as it should be. To do so, your website needs to be high on Google’s ranking so that when someone search a keyword or phrase that matches your business, yours will appear among one of the firsts.

Not sure where to start? Here are 3 tips to help you boost your website Google ranking without any monetary commitment.

Check the health of your website


















No point creating a website out of necessity or just to park information if you’re not going to improve on it from time to time. Even our own health, we’re recommended for an annual medical screening. To check the health of your website, take note of the number of visits, time spent on site, pages per session and bounce rate. These indicative data offer an insight on whether your website is reaching out to the targeted audience. You can check your website’s health at SimilarWeb.

Original and relevant content always





















Your business is constantly evolving. Your website should reflect the same. There are bound to be new announcements and new products or services to be introduced to customers. Turn these into online content and help drive traffic to the website. The content should contain keywords and topics that are frequently searched. The more relevant the keywords and topics are, the higher the chances that it’ll boost your website’s page discovery and ranking on Google search.

Check highest search keywords at Google TrendsWordtracker , Keywords Everywhere, Google Ads and many others.

Here at iProperty.com.my, we help customers create high quality and relevant content that captures reading (articles) / viewing (videos) interest. They are also SEO-optimised to help our customers better reach their intended audience.

Speed matters

















Most of us get frustrated or annoyed if waiting too long for a website to load. What happens next? Most likely we’ll abandon the page and try looking for alternative sites that can offer similar information. Do you know if your website loading speed is up to par? It might load slowly due to bad page optimisation or poor quality web hosting, so check it regularly. It will help improve user experience and retain visitors to frequently visit your site. You may check your website speed at WebPageTest and Lighthouse – Tools for Web Developers.

Website serves as first impression, giving visitors a presentation of your brand story and business offerings. Hence it should be treated with absolute care and be maintained regularly to ensure its relevance, and that it still gives you the competitive edge over your peers. Perform a health check on your website today and make it count!