Reach out to consumers digitally during this time of social distancing

We are living in unprecedented times. With the world yet to find a vaccine for Covid-19, all of us will need to adapt to a new way of living, where social distancing is the norm. Businesses will have to adapt as well and find innovative solutions to reach out to consumers on the digital space. Likewise, property developers will no longer have the luxury of huge launch events, show galleries or showcasing properties at property fairs, as large gathering is prohibited post movement control order (MCO).

So how can developers use technology to maintain awareness with property seekers during such times? iProperty.com.my is offering our customers 360 Virtual Tour on their listing, where a collection of 360-degree panoramic rotating images are ‘stitched’ together to form a full 360° view of a show unit.

There are huge advantages of having 360 Virtual Tour. The top three (3) include:

Better than still images, more interactive than video











Property seekers today are digitally savvy, especially those in their 20s and 30s. They embrace online shopping and absorbs information digitally, whether on their mobile or tablet or PC. With 360 Virtual Tour, the audience could explore from room-to-room, just like at the show gallery, without having to step into a physical space. There is also function where they could also click on tags on certain spaces, fixtures or furniture for more details. Such information is an advantage as it offers a complete concept of a home that may appeal to property seekers, and in turn encourage conversion.

Far greater reach











Another good thing about 360 Virtual Tour is it never closes! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere, developers can virtually reach out to both local and foreign property seekers. They can revisit the show unit multiple times, or share the link with others, from any nook or corner around the world. A physical showroom does not have the same reach.

Stay up to date with technology











Finally, the 360 Virtual Tour is a smart and trending marketing strategy, and could close the gap between you and your competition. It presents a new opportunity to strengthen your brand image and capture top of mind recall on your development. It offers excitement for potential buyers with the idea of owning a home thus, driving serious buyers closer to a point of sale. As consumer behaviour shifts towards online research prior to purchase, having a more engaging content could translate into higher conversion rate.

iProperty.com.my recently launched its 360 Virtual Tour, i360 powered by Matterport to help our developer customers to maintain project awareness during such challenging times and increasing quality leads opportunity that could translate into sales. Explore iProperty 360 Virtual Tour.

If you already have your own 360 Virtual Tour, do send it to your Account Manager to get it featured for free on your listing on our site.

This article is dated 22 June 2020

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