iClassic Sunset

iClassic will no longer be offered as part of iProperty Malaysia’s Agent Packages effective 19 June 2023 (00:00hrs).

In effort to improve our customer experiences, and to better support your and your real estate business, iProperty will now be offering a standard list of nationwide subscription packages instead of region-based packages from 19 June 2023.

iClassic was created to serve customers who are located outside of the Klang Valley limiting them to only posting listings located outside the Klang Valley. With the implementation of nationwide packages, agent customers can now have the flexibility and option to list properties both within and outside the Klang Valley.

You will be able to select from our list of packages under iProperty’s  Agent Packages such as iBasic, iGold and iPlatinum.

You may reach out to your Account Manager or find more info on these packages here: iProperty Malaysia Agent Packages

With the standardized nationwide packages iBasic, iGold and iPlatinum, you will be able to:

  • Have more flexibility and options in your listing locations
  • Grow your business and expand your listing portfolio

No – If you are holding an active iClassic package, any credits purchased before your iClassic package expiry will be subject to Non-Klang Valley credit rates. Please note, for all iProperty Malaysia package holders, any credits purchased will expire upon package expiry and are not able to be transferred or brought forward to the new package.

No, the discontinuation of iClassic or use of any other package (iBasic, iGold and iPlatinum) does not affect the costs of listing a property. The costs of listing a property is based on Dynamic Pricing, an algorithm that calculates Featured Credits that are needed for listings activities by taking into consideration the competition and supply of listing, according to property type, location and project.​ Click to find out more about Dynamic Pricing.

No, there will be no changes to the terms of use or way of using your active iClassic subscription after 19 June 2023. You will be able to use your iClassic account as is until it expires.

Yes, you are allowed to renew with an iClassic package as long you fall within the renewal period of your package before 19 June 2023. 19 June 2023 (00:00 hrs) onward, you will only be able to select from the list of iProperty’s nationwide packages to renew with. Do contact your Account Manager for assistance should you like to find out more or to renew your package.