Click on ‘Overview’ button or listing image to view full details of the listing by visiting the ‘Listing Overview’ page.

A. Listing tier i.e Premium, Feature or Standard

B. Listing type i.e Buy or Rent

C. Cover photo

D. Location

E. Price

F. number of bedroom, bathroom and carpark

G. Property size

H. Go to ‘listing overview’ or listing performance ‘reporting’

I. Listing details

  • Listing ID
  • published date
  • expiry date
  • Posted (date when Re-advertise or upgrade is online)

J. Listing updates

  • Next rotation due (for ‘Premium’ listing only)
  • Upgrade expiry (Back to ‘Standard’ on expiry date)
  • Visibility (Your listing position on Search Results Page. ‘1st page’ is good; ‘medium’ is on 2nd page & ‘low’ is on page 3 and beyond)

K. Readvertise or ‘upgrade’ buttons (available on Featured’ & ‘Standard’ Listings)