Follow these steps:

1. Add in your property description in English or Malay.

How to write a good description:

  • Keep it between 80-150 words in length. Short and concise is the key.
    • Special characters are allowed such as $,”-.!:;&/?@%()#:)+.
    • Ideally restrict to numerical input with a maximum of 6 consecutive digits (including those separated by special characters and spacing), e.g. MYR 2.5M instead of MYR 2,500,000.
  • Break up your text into smaller paragraphs and make it easier for property seekers.
  • Storytelling, alongside the photos, property seekers can easily imagine the property space.

2. In the media section, add in your property photos, floor plans, and YouTube links to any video about the property. The property image is mandatory and at least 1 image is required. Floor plans and Video are optional.

Recommended images are as below:

  • Cover image supplied as landscape with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600px
  • Maximum file size is 20MB
  • Accepted file formats are JPEG, PNG, HEIC / HEIF
  • Minimum resolution of 800px for either width or height.
  • No duplicate or Illicit/unlawful images
  • No logos other than your agency’s own logo on images
  • No phone numbers or email addresses on images

2. To add photos, click on the “Add a photo” button to start uploading your property photos. You can select 1 or multiple photos at the same time for each upload.


3. You are now able to change your image order. Change the order of your photos by clicking on the drag icon (highlighted in red boxes in image below) and drag the photo to any position and drop the photo.

4. To delete photos, click on the ‘X’ icon on the top right corner of the photos. (Highlighted in red boxes in the image above)

5. Some buildings have a photo library within iProperty PRO. You are allowed to select these photos for your listings. Click “Add photo from building library” to view photos in step 2.

6. The photo library will appear as above image. You can browse and select photos. Click “Add photos” to add them into your listing.