Agent Packages Update: Effective 1 December 2022

Frequently Asked Questions on the Updated Agent Packages.

To ensure we continue to add value to our agent partners, periodical reviews of our agent packages are necessary to ensure that we continue to serve your business needs in all market conditions.

Effective 1 December 2022.

Depending on the packages. The increase ranges from RM100 to RM400.

The last price increase for PropertyGuru was in 2019 -3 years ago and for iProperty it was in May 2020 – 2 years ago with iProperty PRO Platform.

Since the price increase for both platforms was several years ago, we have been investing in developing products and tools that benefit property seekers and fortified our position as having the largest property seeking community in Malaysia which benefits property agents. In addition, we have invested to improve and develop new products for property agents as well, to make your listings stand out and data analytics and tools that help you to navigate the property market better. We believe with all the latest product releases, there’s better ROI to be enjoyed.

Enquiries are subject to various factors namely locations, quality of the listing descriptions, photos, demand & supply. Based on our latest analysis, PropertyGuru and iProperty remain as Malaysia’s preferred and leading online property platforms and the average views per listing have improved from Q1. We recorded monthly visits of 10 Mil, with less than 10% of the audience and leads overlapping across both platforms.

As a Group, we have been investing in developing property seekers-centric products and tools. SEO and SEM are in place to reach out to high intent property seekers based on their browsing / searching behaviours. Please connect with your Account Manager to find out how to reach out to property seekers that are relevant to you.

We have launched several new products that are giving our agents more visibility ie. Turbo Listing & Featured Agent at PropertyGuru Malaysia. At iProperty Malaysia, we have refreshed the look of Area/Condo Specialist. For agents who own 2 accounts, we have launched Cross-Listing between the 2 platforms.

On the consumer front, we have launched many tools ie. transactions, condo directory and many others. We also continue to remain Malaysia’s preferred and leading online property platforms

No, there’s no Brickz added to PropertyGuru subscription packages. We will communicate when there are any new updates.

With the revision of our agent subscription packages, we will abolish the registration fee of RM150 for iProperty package subscribers from 1 December 2022. Please refer to your account manager for the latest promotions on our new packages.

As part of our commitment to offer agent partners superior value and returns, as well as continue to evolve our platforms to meet the ever-changing market sentiment and consumer demand, we regularly review our pricing structure.
As a result of our most recent review and evaluation, package and pricing updates will be effective 1 December 2022.

As to how often price increases will happen, we are unable to provide any specifics as this is wholly dependent on internal reviews conducted. However, we will take all the necessary measures to inform our customers before any changes take place.