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One-stop tool to help you manage and prioritise your leads easily and efficiently!

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Access exclusive value-add features to help you prioritise your leads, and features to help you sort leads easily – Lead Management brings more, and better value to your iProperty experience.

Accessing Lead Management

Lead Management can be found through iProperty PRO! Watch the videos to learn more.

  1. Introducing Lead Management
  2. Lead Management – Getting Started
  3. Lead Management – Lead Quality
  4. Lead Management – Lead Insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Management is your one-stop tool for all your leads – gain access to features to help you prioritize, sort and contact your leads more efficiently! Lead Management gives you access to Lead Quality and Lead Insights.

  • Lead Quality: A feature within the Lead Management tool that helps you identify leads to prioritize. Using information gathered from enquirers, as well as PropertyGuru & iProperty insights as a market leader, Lead Quality tags each Lead that you receive so that you can tell which to contact first at a glance!
  • Lead Insights: A feature within the Lead Management tool that gives you access to useful information about the enquirer – which you can use to prepare your pitch! These information can include data points such as the enquirer’s approximate preferred price range, location, property type, and more.

You can find your Lead Management tool within iProperty PRO. Simply log in and click on “Leads” in your navigation bar.

Your Lead Management tool looks like this:


On this page, you’ll be able to see all your leads. You’ll also be able to view the Lead Quality for each of your leads here:





From your Lead Management tool, you can select any lead. Selecting a lead will open up the ‘lead detail’ page. Here you’ll be able to view further details about the enquirer, contact the enquirer, or gain access to Lead Insights.



The details of your old leads will be sunset effective 1 February 2024. To retain these details, kindly visit the old lead page and record the relevant information before the sunset date.

From the lead detail page, simply locate these icons near the top right-hand corner. Click your preferred method and start contacting leads.

Simply click on the search bar and enter details such as:

  • Your listing name/address
  • Enquirer name
  • Enquirer phone number

You can also sort your leads with the quick filters available at the top of your Lead Management page:

Leads are generated when property seekers or agents click the contact buttons that are available on your listing detail page or your agent profile page.

No, Lead Quality and Lead Insights for each enquirer are independently calculated based on their activity within each platform — PropertyGuru and iProperty Malaysia. There is no sharing of information or cross-platform integration when it comes to Lead Quality and Lead Insights assessment.