An algorithm that calculates Featured Credits

that are needed for listings activities by taking into consideration:


✔ The competition and supply of listings.

✔ According to property type, location and project.


How will Dynamic Pricing benefit you?

About Dynamic Pricing

When the competition and listing supply are high, the amount of Featured Credits used to market a listing increases. ​

When the volume of competition and listing supply are low, the amount of Featured Credits required may be lower, enabling agents to take advantage of a lesser competitive condition to market their listings actively.

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Learn more?

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Dynamic Pricing is only applicable for Featured Credits products.

Dynamic Pricing takes into consideration the competition and supply of listings, according to the property type, location, project and more. 

The key metrics used for measurement include:

  • Property value 
  • Supply & demand

Depending on the score that is calculated through the algorithm, some listings require lesser Featured Credits for your listing activities; while others need more. 

When the amount of Featured Credits to market a listing is low, agents are empowered to market their listings more actively through Featured, Premium and Premium Plus products.

Location and property type cannot be edited once a listing is being published, hence different rate does not apply.

There is no known maximum cap on the amount of Featured Credits needed for your listing activities. Dynamic Pricing will ensure the credit amount varies within a reasonable range.

Yes, all agents will see the same amount of Featured Credits as long their Featured, Premium and Premium Plus listings are under the same listing type, in the same project / location.

Dynamic Pricing is currently applicable to all property types, including commercial listings.

The number of Featured Credits required for Featured, Premium and Premium Plus listings will be determined by Dynamic Pricing.

As and when a market condition change has been detected, or if the situation arises where manual intervention is required. For a start, we do not expect the frequency to be high.

Dynamic Pricing is applied on 15 June 2022. Subsequently, change can happen at any time of the day.

Depending on the agent property marketing focus, it’s possible to spend more Featured Credits for Featured, Premium and Premium Plus products. It’s also possible to spend fewer Featured Credits.

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