No more double work posting your listings on two platforms! 

Cross-list your new property listings from one platform to another easier & faster. 

Benefits of Cross-Listing

With this new feature, you can now:

*Remark: This feature is applicable to the agents with both iProperty PRO & PropertyGuru AgentNet accounts only.

Want to link your iProperty PRO and PropertyGuru AgentNet accounts?

Want to link your iProperty PRO and PropertyGuru AgentNet accounts?

Contact your Account Manager now to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before using this feature, you will need to link both of your accounts. You may find the new Cross-Listing field before you proceed to post your listing.

Tick the field if you wish to publish the same listing created through the first platform to the second platform.

You will need to ensure that your primary contact number (mobile) and email address used for both accounts are the same. Once confirmed, contact your Account Manager or our Customer Service Care for further action.

*Note: Agents who have the same primary phone number and email address on both accounts before 20 October 2022 will automatically become overlapped agents on the system.

Yes, this feature is available on both PropertyGuru AgentNet & iProperty PRO.

No, there is no spending of credits for using this feature.

You can check the status stated “Cross-listed: Yes” under your listing on the “Listing Management” page.

No, you can only cancel by unchecking the Cross-Listing field before you post the listing.

Yes, you will be receiving a notification or email on the primary platform used for listing creation if there is any failure in Cross-Listing. (Receive a notification in your account for iProperty PRO account; receive an email for PropertyGuru AgentNet account.)

No, this feature is only applicable while creating a new listing.

No, please take note that this feature is not applicable to the types of listings below:

  • iProperty PRO: Auction Listing 
  • PropertyGuru AgentNet: Listing with a temporary location 

We are synchronizing the location between the 2 platforms. Hence when you cross-list a landed commercial or industrial property, it will be marked as a listing with a temporary location. If this is not ideal, We suggest not turning on Cross-Listing for these types of properties since it’s not ideal to show them as temporary locations.

No, there is no filter for selecting the listing to be cross-listed. You can only tick the Cross-Listing field under the listing creation flow.

No, you will need to log on to the second platform to manually delete/offline the cross-listed listing.

Yes, the characters under the description box will limit to 600 characters if you edit an existing listing or copy a listing.

No, the Malay description on iProperty PRO’s listing will not sync to my cross-listed listing on PropertyGuru AgentNet.

Failed to publish a Cross-Listing from iProperty PRO to PropertyGuru AgentNet, because of:

1. Failure in listing creation:

  • Generic system error.
  • Did not meet the field requirements.
  • Insufficient credits.
  • The location does not match.
  • Timeout occurs because of incomplete cross-listed photos and some issues with the image(s).

2. Failure in editing the listing:

  • Timeout occurs because of incomplete cross-listed photos and image(s) failed to edit.
  • Failed to edit the listing because of a system error.

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