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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto-Upgrade is a new feature that allows agents to continuously auto-renew their listing(s) tier until agents manually switch off the toggle function, or until there’s insufficient credit. This feature is available for both desktop & mobile app.

Auto-Upgrade helps agents to save time and provide greater efficiency by having their listing(s) automatically renewed while keeping listing(s) ranked high.

Agents can start using the feature on iProperty PRO from 1 March 2022 onwards.

Featured credits will only be deducted after the tier renewal of your listing(s).

You will not be allowed to opt for auto-upgrading your listing(s) tier. If you have enabled it for other listing(s), your listing(s) will not be renewed by the end of the upgrade expiry.

Once you enable Auto-Upgrade for your listing(s), it will continue running until you disable the feature, your listing(s) expires or there’s insufficient credit.

  • For Featured Listing(s), agents can select the Auto-Upgrade feature for either 7 days cycle or 28 days cycle.
  • For Premium Listing(s), agents have the option to turn on the Auto-Upgrade feature for 28 days cycle.

Yes, you will have the option to cancel your Auto-Upgrade anytime through Listing Management/Overview or directly on the Listing Creation page. Click the ‘Cancel auto-upgrade’ button to cancel the feature.

You will not be allowed to activate ‘Auto-Upgrade’ until after the upgrade expiry.

After deactivation, your listing(s) will remain upgraded based on the tier selected. It will not be renewed after the listing’s expiry date. At the same time, you will not be allowed to activate it again.

Yes, the information will be shared under the notification area.