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#iPropertyStories 2021 (“Event”) Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

  • What is #iPropertyStories 2021?
    • iProperty.com Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“We/Us”) is/are looking for individual experiences from the general public which will help us curate articles on a certain property-related experience
    • Not only will you be able to share your personal experiences, tips and insights with the hundreds of thousands of readers who follow the iProperty.com.my page, but this initiative will contribute towards our goal of bringing in insightful and unique content to the iProperty.com.my website. So, do feel free to share with us any property stories you might have by sending us a message on social media or email us my.contentsocialmedia[@]iproperty[dot]com[dot]my.
  • How does #iPropertyStories work?
    • We will post questions on the iProperty.com.my social media or networking channel (including without limitation Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Each topic will have its own post calling for submissions. For e.g. How did you deal with a tenant from hell? Share with us your tips!
    • Tell us your story/tips/insights in at least 250 words or more.
    • We will collate the most relevant answers into an article under the iProperty Malaysia author profile. Do note that the shortlisting of stories and editing process will be at our sole prerogative. In the event we publish any article or content that has been curated from or otherwise based on your submission, we have the sole discretion to remove such article or content at any time, without notice to you.
  • What are we looking for?
    • We only accept original content as we have a strict anti-plagiarism policy. Please do not share content which has been published elsewhere. Only share content which you own or otherwise have the requisite authorization or consent to do so.
    • Easy to digest information instead of flowery language or jargon-heavy comments. You can refer to our FAQ topics, all are straight to the point articles which provide valuable information and knowledge. At iProperty.com.my, we believe in empowering Malaysian property consumers via knowledge and data!
    • A reader-friendly tone with no harsh or crude words, please. We will not accept slander, accusations directed to a specific party or rantings of any sort. #iPropertyStories is a user-generated content initiative and will not serve as an open forum.
  • Writing tips
    • We understand that you might have a tonne to share but you are not sure where and how to start! To help you streamline your comments, you should either:
      • offer specific advice for dealing with a challenge. Make it clear what were the ways you have tackled or dealt with the situation.
      • Provide input on the lessons learnt from your experience.
    • Sentences in bullet points are welcomed. It is not necessary for you to arrange your points into pretty paragraphs. We will be editing and optimising the article accordingly.
    • Do not write one-liner statements. When providing opinions/thoughts on a subject matter, do support them with valid facts and cite sources where appropriate.
    • Try to avoid writing clichés or things which are already well-known/a given fact. For e.g: You must pay your maintenance fees on time to ensure your strata property is well maintained.
  • Can I share pictures to support my story?
    • Yes, you can! Consumers are also allowed to share related pictures or images to help support their story.
    • Please only share images which you own or have taken yourself or otherwise have the requisite authorization or permission to do so.
    • Please do not share visuals from free stock image sites such as Pixabay, freeimages.com and Pexel as well as online screenshots or another person’s Facebook/Instagram image.
    • Do label the image with your full name to enable us to credit you properly. For example, we will credit an image labelled “Manjit Singh” as source: Manjit Singh.
    • If in doubt, do drop us an email at my.contentsocialmedia@iproperty.com.my to check first before submitting anything on our Facebook page.
  • How will I know when an article is published?
    • All articles will be published on our Facebook page under the #iPropertyStories hashtag. We will suggest you to follow the iProperty.com.my Facebook page – this way you can keep tabs on new content easily under the #iPropertyStories hashtag.
  • The General Terms and Conditions apply.


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